15 September 2011

False Papers

The SMH reports that a former bodyguard of colourful entrepreneur Richard Pratt has appeared in Burwood local court after allegedly being discovered with false passports, stolen NSW police files, military weapons and explosives. Sean Shane Bowman reportedly faces 60 charges.
According to court documents tendered in Burwood local court, police discovered at least 20 guns, including an M4 automatic military rifle. This was allegedly alongside more than a thousand rounds of ammunition and a number of military smoke grenades and "flash bang" devices. ...

Mr Bowman, 38, also allegedly had false passports from Britain, France and Ireland, and a false Afghani passport under the name of Mohammed Anwar Najib which police allege was to set up a false bank account with the Commonwealth Bank.

According to the police statement of facts, Mr Bowman also had a number of restricted NSW police files which are suspected as stolen and a significant amount of police gear.

He is also alleged to have had a series of fraudulent identification documents from US and international law enforcement agencies including the CIA, Interpol and the National Security Agency.

Police claim that Mr Bowman was using these in order to trick people into thinking he was a law enforcement officer.

Also uncovered in the search, according to police, were proceeds of crime valued at $205,950.