23 November 2011


Yet again, with feeling.

The Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) has found that Sydney shockjock Alan Jones breached the commercial radio codes of practice last year by broadcasting factual inaccuracies and failing to give more than one viewpoint when talking about native vegetation laws.
During the segments Mr Jones was highly critical of the operation of native vegetation laws and their administration by the [then] NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change.

ACMA found that 2GB did not present nor take steps to present more than one significant viewpoint about the operation and administration of native vegetation laws in NSW.

The codes require licensees to make reasonable efforts or give reasonable opportunities to present significant viewpoints on controversial issues of public importance. Licensees can do this either within the same program or across similar programs but merely presenting substantially identical viewpoints is not sufficient to satisfy the code
ACMA did not uphold the complainant's allegation that 2GB breached the code rule against broadcasting material likely to encourage violence for its own sake.

ACMA is "in discussion" with 2GB about its response to the breaches. Don't expect substantive contrition from Jones or the broadcaster.

Problematical behaviour by Jones in the 'Cash For Comments Affair' was reflected in changes to commercial broadcaster codes of practice - recently amended - under the co-regulatory regime governing the industry.