26 June 2012


'Proposal for an International Convention on Online Gambling' by Marketa Trimble (to be published as a chapter in a volume from the University of Nevada Internet Gaming Regulation Symposium) offers -
the outline of an international convention that will facilitate cooperation among countries in enforcement of their online gambling regulations while allowing the countries to maintain their individual legal approaches to online gambling. Countries continue to vary in their approaches - some permit and regulate, and others prohibit online gambling, and even countries that permit and regulate online gambling approach the issue differently. Countries cannot enforce their own online gambling regulations without assistance from other countries - specifically, the countries where online gambling operators have their operations and/or their assets. Under the proposed Convention, national online gambling regulators would cooperate in the exchange of necessary information, in the licensing and standardization of technological requirements for online gambling operators, and, most importantly, in assisting with the enforcement of foreign country regulations by imposing geolocation and filtering requirements on online gambling operators. The chapter discusses the challenges that the proposal faces and suggests that the challenges can be overcome. Recent events in the online gambling world, such as 'Black Friday,' demonstrate a pressing need for effective international cooperation among Internet gambling regulators, and the proposed Convention, by providing a solution to the vexing problem of enforcement of online gambling regulation on the Internet, can provide the impetus for national discussions on online gambling.