15 September 2012

Short Circuit

Under the heading 'Introducing the Federal Circuit Court of Australia' the national Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has announced a restructuring of the Federal Magistrates Court.
What we know as the Federal Magistrates Court will soon become the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, and the title of Federal Magistrate will be renamed Judge to better reflect their important role in Australia's judicial system. 
the change today as part of the Government's ongoing court reform agenda to provide greater certainty around the responsibilities and role of each of the federal courts. "The Federal Circuit Court of Australia better reflects the Court's modern role in the federal judicial system and its accessibility for all court users," Ms Roxon said. 
"The new name for the Court also highlights the important service it provides to rural and regional communities through its program of regular court circuits. "From Bundaberg to Burnie, Alice Springs to Albury, the Court undertook work in 33 regional locations last year. This amounts to 145 weeks of hearing matters in regional Australia. 
"The title of Judge better reflects the role and responsibilities of a federal judicial officer, which is significantly different from that of a state or territory Magistrate." 
"I am confident that the name of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the title of Judge will better recognise the character and importance of the work undertaken by the Court and enable it to approach the future with confidence. ... 
Selection of the new name follows consultation with the Federal Magistrates Court and the federal courts. The Government intends to bring forward legislation to make the changes in the current parliamentary sittings.