19 September 2012

Streets and caches

'Google and Personal Data Protection' by Bart van der Sloot & Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius in Aurelio Lopez-Tarruella (ed) Google and the Law: Empirical Approaches to Legal Aspects of Knowledge-Economy Business Models (TMC Asser Press/Springer, 2012) discusses -
the interplay between the European personal data protection regime and two specific Google services, Interest Based Advertising and Google Street View. The chapter assesses first the applicability of the Data Protection Directive, then jurisdictional issues, the principles relating to data quality, whether there is a legitimate purpose for data processing, and lastly the transparency principle in connection with the rights of the data subject. The conclusion is that not all aspects of the services are easy to reconcile with the Directive’s requirements.
The same volume features Marcelo Thompson's 'In Search of Alterity: On Google, Neutrality, and Otherness', Annsley Ward's 'The Viacom v YouTube Litigation and Section 512(c) DMCA: When the Safe Harbour Becomes a Permanent Mooring', Miquel Peguera's 'Copyright Issues Regarding Google Images and Google Cache' and Jeremy Phillips' 'Google AdWords: Trade Mark Law and Liability of Internet Service Providers'.