25 November 2012

Smells and spells

From today's Melbourne Age -
Mr Treylourne's Witchcraft Emporium in Burke Road, Camberwell - specialising in casting spells - has been open for business for six weeks. He sells no crystals or dream catchers - none of the New Age paraphernalia being flogged this weekend at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at the Exhibition Centre. ...
To make a spell, Mr Treylourne combines various herbs (he has 130 kinds and is looking to get 100 more) in a box and lights a charcoal burner. The customer then writes the name of his beloved or enemy or desired object, such as cash, on a piece of paper and spends a few moments focusing on their desire. When swollen with emotion, longing and belief, the customer drops the paper on to the burner. ''If it vanishes instantly, the spell has a good chance of working.''
He then goes to work uttering a Celtic phrase known as the ''charm of making'' while ringing a little bell that is meant to ward off bad spirits.
The customer then takes home the spell box, an amulet and a vial of oil for burning. ''We don't charge for the components, only the time.''
It's $60 for 30 minutes' work. 
Spell making pays better than law teaching, albeit the latter doesn't involve burners n bells.

The Emporium site indicates that
Spell crafting is the magical use of incantations, herbs and the forces of nature to produce your desired goal. There is neither good nor evil spell casting, there is merely the intention of the user.
Do what you will but harm no one!
Aleister 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law' Crowley must be rotating in his grave like a rotisserie chicken with that expression of naughtiness.

The Camberwell spellmeisters go on to indicate that
Spells can be created to attract things into your life or redress an imbalance. Nature is about maintaining a balance, for every yin there is a yang, for every dark there is a light, and for every wrong there is a right.
Creating a personalized spell for each person requires an understanding of what you are trying to attract, for instance, wealth, health, love and happiness. Or remove from your life, for instance, cutting ties with relationships, bad luck, negative thinking and dark energies.
Crafting spells is not simply an act of waving a wand, burning a candle or saying bad poetry. For example, a love spell requires an understanding of what sort of love you want, for instance, is it romantic love? platonic love? or passionate love? For creating wealth, what sort of wealth do you want, for instance, a one off windfall or a promotion at work.
The master spell crafter will then tailor make a spell for your situation. The spell may include herbs, resins, oils or spell candles and will be made at the shop.