22 January 2013

Elvis is my pilot

What I want to know is whether Elvis was piloting the saucer.

Under the headline 'Spacecraft caused car crash, say pair', Kieran Banks in the Brisbane Times reports that "two men who walked away from a car crash near Brisbane's Wivenhoe Dam claimed to be chasing an alien spacecraft when found by police".

It's a less convincing excuse than that provided by some law students, including the 'dog ate my homework' excuse, said dog having eaten the USB stick.

The report indicates that
Police and the driver's insurance company received several sketchy phone calls from the men, who appeared to be convinced paranormal activity caused the crash.
Police received the first call from the men at 2.25am on Friday, saying they had been in an accident at Split Yard Creek and asked for the RAAF to attend.
It later became apparent the car had gone off the road and down an embankment near the Split Yard Creek bridge.
The phone call dropped out, and after 30 minutes of trying to contact the men, police received a call from RACQ Insurance.
Nice to see that the RAAF hadn't been sent to the rescue!
Police said the conversations with the men were vague and at times barely understandable.
The men began to "freak out", telling the insurance company they were about to disappear and referred to the area as the Bermuda Triangle, police said.
Police called the men back, with the second male answering the phone, telling police there were "some really weird things going on" and they had abandoned the car.
Police received another call from the men at 4am, claiming that "something paranormal" had occurred and ''big bright lights'' caused the car accident.
Police found the men at 4.10am at the intersection of Wivenhoe-Somerset and Hyne roads. They were armed with knives and appeared to be protecting themselves.
Aliens are presumably able to fly half-way across the universe but remain scared of knives.

Alas, one of the dynamic duo was charged with assaulting a police officer (perhaps he thought that the men in blue were men in black, or just bug-eyed monster in disguise) and the driver when breathalysed was over the limit and accordingly will appear in court. No indication of whether he'll be wearing an alfoil beanie.