08 April 2013

Critical Animal Studies

The 1st Annual Oceania Conference for Critical Animal Studies (Animal Liberation and Social Justice: An Intersectional Approach to Social Change) is to be held on 6 July at the University of Canberra under the auspices of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Oceania.

The conference
aims to raise consciousness and dialogue among the academic, activist and student community about the oppression of non-human animals, which is intrinsically connected to a larger social justice framework and movement for total liberation. 
CAS exists to expose and work towards the end of both human and nonhuman exploitation, oppression and domination based on an intersectional analysis of power relationships, domination and oppression. The explicit linkage of scholarly research and activism provides for and promotes an empowering and transformative agenda rooted in process of social transformation inside and outside the academy. CAS aims to have an assessable platform to promote further learning in order to support and improve conditions for social change. …
The organisers indicate that
this day-long conference will contribute to the solidification of CAS theory and praxis in Australia, interdisciplinary scholarship and linkages with other progressive movements. 
Open to diverse topics and areas, suggestions for areas of engagement and reflection include 
  • Intersectionality in theory and praxis 
  • Gender, sexuality and veganism 
  • Race, class and Critical Animal Studies 
  • The interdisciplinary turn 
  • The rise of nonhuman animal activism in Australia 
  • Effective approaches to social change