10 January 2014

CV Fraud

Occasionally scholars of CV fraud see the flash of a silvery fin above the waves.

Today's New York Times reports that former hedge fund manager Mathew Martoma (on trial for alleged misbehaviour at SAC Capital Advisors) falsified his grades at Harvard Law School some 15 years ago.
 In 1999, Mr. Martoma was expelled from Harvard for creating a false transcript when he applied for a clerkship with a federal judge, court papers unsealed on Thursday showed. Mr. Martoma used a computer program to change several grades from B’s to A’s, including one in criminal law, and then sent the forged transcript to 23 judges as part of the application process. 
Then, during a Harvard disciplinary hearing to determine whether he should be expelled, Mr. Martoma tried to cover his tracks by creating a fake paper trail that included fabricated emails and a counterfeit report from a computer forensics firm that Mr. Martoma had created to help conceal his activities. 
After Harvard expelled him, Mr. Martoma, who at the time was known as Ajay Mathew Thomas, legally changed his name to Mathew Martoma . . . 
When he was at Harvard, Mr. Martoma told the law school administrators that he had falsified his transcript as a joke and did it mainly to impress his parents. 
Laughing all the way to the bank?
A Harvard Law School spokeswoman said on Thursday that the university had no record of Mr. Martoma’s graduating but could not comment further. She could not confirm whether he had attended or was expelled.