22 August 2014


The Guardian reports that the Australian Federal Police, belatedly responding to one of their keystone cops moments, has apologised for the inept search of Seven West's premises.
The Australian federal police apologises unreservedly to Seven West Media Ltd, its related companies, and its officers and employees for the unnecessary reputational damage to Seven, its related companies, their employers and their officers, arising from the execution of search warrants in relation to the AFP’s investigation into alleged payments to Schapelle Corby. 
Those warrants were subsequently quashed by the federal court. 
For the record neither Seven, nor its employees, officers or lawyers, were ever suspected of a criminal offence, nor were they subject to any criminal investigation in relation to the Corby matter, which was solely a literary proceeds matter seeking to recover any payments made to a convicted person.
Earlier this year the AFP stated -
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) would like to respond to serious allegations made this evening (February 19) by Channel Seven regarding a number of search warrants executed yesterday in relation to an ongoing Proceeds of Crime matter.
All AFP search warrants are authorised by a magistrate or an appropriate member of the judiciary following sufficient supporting documentation or material being presented.
Claims that the appropriate authorisation was not obtained in relation to yesterday’s warrants are strongly refuted by the AFP. These warrants were legally authorised, and during their execution, AFP members behaved in full accordance with their responsibilities and legal obligations.
As per standard practice, however, Channel Seven’s allegations were immediately referred to the AFP Professional Standards Unit for investigation.
Additionally, the matter has been referred to the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) to ensure complete independence and transparency.
The Proceeds of Crime investigation remains ongoing and as such, it would not be appropriate to comment further.