09 September 2014

Magic Initials

I'm enjoying, in a rather bleak way, the coverage of UK solicitor Alan Blacker, who has attracted attention by being rebuked by a UK judge for appearing in court in robes that featured ribbons and medals. Not "poxy swimming medals", says Blacker, who characterises himself as Lord Harley of Dublin and the Rt Hon Lord Harley of Counsel. Alas, not Harley of Davidson.

The title supposedly reflects a lineage traceable to Irish monarch King Sithric.

His Lordship has described himself thus -
Dr. The Rt. Hon. Alan Blacker. The Lord Harley of Dublin. KGCSt.J. DPhil. MSc(Hons)(clinical forensic psychiatry) MA(Hons) MA(Hons)(Inc.ED.&SEN.) LLB(DHons) BA(Hons) PGDL PGDLP FMLST(Psych) FCInst.L.Ex. FRSA. FRGS&IBG. FZSL. FRAntq.I. FRAnth.I. SIRM. MIMHAP. SSM. Solicitor Advocate of the Supreme Court, Chartered Legal Executive, Consultant Transactional Analysis Clinical Psychoanalytical Psychologist. Who's Who. Burke's Peerage and Baronetage. NIFHS Register. Ulster Historical Foundation.
He has also identified himself as a Reverend.

Critics have more cruelly described him as looking like Harry Potter and appear to be vigorously deconstructing the magic initials, with institutions disclaiming any association.

The Wales Online media site states -
The Zoological Society of London was baffled by Blacker’s claim he was a trustee. “Alan Blacker is not a trustee of the Zoological Society of London,” a spokesman said. 
Rochdale Council was confused by Blacker’s claims to have been secretary of “Rochdale Local Government Committee” at “Rochdale MBC” – understood to mean Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council. “We’ve got no record of him on our system at all,” a spokesman said. It had “no record of that committee.” 
The Institute of Health Care Management was surprised by claims the solicitor was a fellow of organisation. “Alan Blacker is not a member,” a spokesman said.
[Blacker's] CV asserts Blacker was “Branch Secretary Honorary Colonel 24 Batt. (Irish) and 1st Btn” at the Royal Artillery Association in 2000. “We don’t have him on our database,” the institution said.
It appears that his extensive LinkedIn profile refers to "Trinity College", with his Facebook profile referring to "Trinity College, Oxford". (The latter reportedly denies an association.)

The Mirror reports that his LinkedIn profile -
carries glowing testimonials which describe him as the "Mozart of the courtroom" and "almost a national treasure". 
And he also states he is fluent in Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Hindi, and the Luo language of Kenya and Tanzania. 
He says he has been a member of nearly 30 different societies, including the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers, the Institute of Mental Health Act Practitioners, the Royal Artillery Association, the Zoological Society of London and the Ulster Historical Foundation. He also claims to have more than 30 different certificates. 
After the case Mr Blacker said: "My qualifications, status and offices were brought into disrepute and I was personally very upset by the comments made towards me.
I am shocked to the core that my position has been questioned - which is I feel reflective of the sacrifice of thousands of men who have died for the freedoms that are referred to in the title of Lord Harley for almost 1,100 years. 
The Express reports that Blacker indicated to the disapproving judge in Cardiff Crown Court that
he had been told by the Lord Chief Justice that it would be "appropriate" to [wear his medals]. When asked for clarification by the judge, he said it was "Lord Thompson" who had given him the advice. 
The current Lord Chief Justice is Lord Thomas. 
"Since I started practicing," the judge blasted, "there has been no Lord Chief Justice of England or Wales by the name of Lord Thompson."
Blacker subsequently stated -
"My medals were awarded to me and bare the face of the Crown. They may be for voluntary medical service but they bear the face of the Queen. "They are not some poxy swimming badge".
An echo of the CV enhancement undertaken by figures such as Wilce and Papows?