12 October 2014


Another incident of survivor fraud, with reports that 26 year old Australian woman Samantha Azzopardi (aka Aurora Hepburn) has again claimed to be a teenager who was a victim of prolonged sexual abuse.

Azzopardi reportedly "walked into a Calgary health centre on September 16 alleging she was a 14-year-old who was the victim of an abduction and prolonged sexual assault". She  allegedly told Canadian investigators she'd endured years of violent sexual abuse and torture. (She appears to have made a missing persons report about her fake identity).

Shortly thereafter
the Calgary Police Service was notified of a similar, world headline-making case investigated last year in Dublin.
After liaising with Irish authorities, it was determined the woman in Calgary was Azzopardi. Azzopardi is charged with public mischief to mislead a peace officer and faces up to five years' jail.
Due to her multiple aliases, Calgary police have released a photo of Azzopardi in the hope the public can provide information about her movements in Calgary.
Irish authorities last year also took the rare step of releasing her photo after she was found wandering Dublin streets and led Irish police to believe that she was a teenage sex-trafficking victim.
Azzopardi drew pictures apparently showing herself being raped, forcing Irish police to release the photo of her in a bid to find her identity.
Azzopardi was subsequently sent back to Australia, where she had a history of fraud-related charges.
It appears that Azzopardi previously posed as a teenage orphan and a cancer patient. The Brisbane Courier-Mail last year reported that
she was convicted in Brisbane Magistrates Court in September and October 2010 for charges relating to making false representations and forging documents and was fined $500.
In June last year she pleaded guilty in Perth Magistrates Court to offences relating to welfare fraud and was sentenced in October to six months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months.
Her life of fantasy included a claim to be a gymnast in one instance and to be born in France in another and her 40 aliases included the name Dakota Johnson.