19 October 2014

Nauru Data Breach

The Guardian reports
The personal details of hundreds of asylum seekers on Nauru have been stolen in a second major data breach within Australia’s immigration detention system. 
At least two hard drives, not password-protected and containing the personal details of hundreds of asylum seekers, including children, have been stolen from detention camps this year. 
The sensitive information stolen includes detainees’ complete personal details and case files, medical histories, as well as their protection claims detailing why they felt forced to leave their home country to claim asylum in Australia. 
The stolen files also contain case worker notes on detainees, including mental health and behavioural issues, complaints about treatment and allegations of abuse, and the minutes of “vulnerable minors meetings” where the issues faced by children in detention were discussed. 
None of the information has been recovered after several months. 
Guardian Australia understands the asylum seekers have not been told their personal information has been stolen.
Never fear
A manager from Wilson Security promised to review security in response to the thefts