23 September 2015

Paramedic Registration

The Senate Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs is inquiring into 'The establishment of a national registration system for Australian paramedics to improve and ensure patient and community safety', with a deadline of 29 January 2016 for submissions.

The inquiry has particular reference to:
  • the role and contribution made by those in the paramedic profession, including the circumstances in which they are required to operate;
  • the comparative frameworks that exist to regulate the following professions, including training and qualification requirements and continuing professional development: paramedics, doctors and registered nurses;
  • the comparative duties of paramedics, doctors and registered nurses;
  • whether a system of accreditation should exist nationally and, if so, whether the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency is an appropriate body to do so; 
  • the viability and appropriateness of a national register to enable national registration for the paramedic profession to support and enable the seamless and unrestricted movement of paramedic officers across the country for employment purposes; and any other related matters.