24 August 2017


'The Pain I Rise Above': How International Human Rights Can Best Realize the Needs of Persons with Trauma-Related Mental Disabilities' by Mehgan Gallagher and Michael L. Perlin comments 
Persons with mental disabilities — and specifically those with trauma-related mental disabilities — must seek to rise above their pain each day, in a world that is not designed to understand or have compassion for their individualized needs. This population is disproportionately traumatized, not only by the existence of their disability, but also by how others treat them. This article explores how international human rights documents — particularly the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) — can be used to realize the rights of dignity, respect, and equality for persons with trauma-related mental disabilities, and how trauma-informed practice, therapeutic jurisprudence, and problem-solving courts can be utilized to ensure the protection of the rights of individuals with trauma-related mental disabilities.