16 March 2018


No great surprises in the report that Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow has been unsuccessful after brouhaha over his bodyhacking of a Transport for NSW (TfNSW) travel card.

Mr Meow-Meow was noted here, here and in a piece for The Conversation.

TfNSW had taken action against him for not using a valid  ticket (using public transport without a valid ticket and for not producing a ticket to transport officers).

Despite hyperbole about 'cyborg rights' (does everyone with a stent, a pacemaker or joint implant count as a cyborg?),  he today pleaded guilty to both offences at Newtown Local Court.

The ABC reports that  Mr Meow-Meow
was fined $220 for breaching the Opal Card terms of use and was ordered to pay $1,000 in legal costs. 
The lawyer representing Mr Meow Meow argued that transport legislation had advanced to include methods of contactless payment through MasterCard and some smart phones. He said that the law should adapt to all available technologies including implantable tech. 
But Magistrate Michael Quinn said, while the legislation may catch up with technology in the future, the law of the day must be followed. 
Outside court, Mr Meow Meow said he was disappointed both offences were not dismissed and that he was ordered to pay legal costs. 
Despite the decision, Mr Meow Meow said he would continue to experiment with implanted technology. He said he was planning to push the boundary even further, replacing his Opal chip with one that will hold all of his personal information, including credit cards and memberships. 
DIY unauthorised modification of credit card and membership cards will breach the terms and conditions of his account with the credit card providers, so he can expect to see those businesses restricting or cancelling the relevant accounts.