17 April 2018


The New York Times features an article on controversy about potential expulsion of Eric K. Noji from the US National Academy of Medicine.
 Here is how Dr. Noji’s work is described on one of his LinkedIn pages: “So much has been said and written about the life and work of Eric Noji, a story so mythic in its epic sweep and inspirational in its chronology of service and unrelenting self-sacrifice on behalf of those who suffer that it is difficult to summarize.” Dr. Noji also, until recently, listed impressive honors: the Ordre des Palmes Academiques, presented by President Hollande of France; nomination to the Royal College of Physicians of London; the Antarctica Medal of Honor for Scientific Exploration; and an M.B.A. from Stanford. 
But the French never bestowed that award on Dr. Noji. The Royal College didn’t nominate him. There is no such prize as the Antarctica Medal of Honor for Scientific Exploration. Stanford Business School says it has no record of his existence. And some of his papers plus a book chapter were copied from former colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Agency for International Development, according to a complaint filed with the academy by Dr. Arthur Kellermann, dean of the nation’s military medical school. 
It's an echo of inventions such as that noted here, here and here ... and the debunking of CV creativity involving IT executive Jeff Papows
So he's not an orphan, his parents are alive and well. 
He wasn't a Marine Corps captain, he was a lieutenant. 
He didn't save a buddy by throwing a live grenade out of a trench. 
He didn't burst an eardrum when ejecting from a Phantom F4, which didn't crash, not killing his co-pilot. 
He's not a tae kwon do black belt, and he doesn't have a PhD from Pepperdine University.