06 August 2018


'3D Printing, Policing and Crime' (Crime Justice and Social Democracy Research Centre Briefing Paper Series, 1. Crime Justice and Social Democracy Research Centre, Brisbane) by Angela Daly and Monique Mann states 
This CJRC briefing paper provides background information on the intersections of three-dimensional (3D) printing technology, policing, and crime. It focuses on the opportunities and challenges of this technological innovation. Specifically, this report canvasses the role of 3D printing as a tool, as a source of evidence, and as a potential threat for police agencies and wider public safety. The emergence of 3D printed firearms is discussed in depth, and an overview of case studies where 3D firearms or firearm parts have been located and investigated by police is included. Finally, the legal and enforcement models implemented to address 3D printing technology to date in different jurisdictions are reviewed.
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