12 June 2013

Droit de suite inquiry

With the national election in sight the Commonwealth Arts Minister has announced terms of reference for the inquiry into the droit de suit, ie resale royalty for the visual arts under the Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Act 2009 (Cth) discussed in past posts.

The inquiry is to provide -
  • an outline of the issues that the legislation was intended to address 
  • an assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of the legislation and associated scheme in achieving the original objectives 
  • an analysis of the likely impacts had the legislation not been introduced 
  • an assessment of the impact of the scheme on artists, the art market, art market professionals and consumers, including costs and benefits 
  • the development and consideration of projections that show the likely scale of the scheme in future years 
  • the identification and consideration of any revisions to the Act or regulations that could enhance the operation of the scheme.