19 October 2015

Judicial Appointments

The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration has released its 12 page 'Suggested Criteria for Judicial Appointments' [PDF], centred on prospective members of the judiciary having the following criteria have
1. Intellectual Capacity
• Legal expertise
• Litigation experience or familiarity with court processes, including alternative dispute resolution
• Ability to absorb and analyse information
• Appropriate knowledge of the law and its underlying principles, and the ability to acquire new knowledge.
2. Personal Qualities
• Integrity and independence of mind
• Sound judgement
• Decisiveness
• Objectivity
• Diligence
• Sound temperament
• Ability and willingness to learn and develop professionally and to adapt to change
3. An Ability to Understand and Deal Fairly
• Impartiality
• Awareness of and respect for the diverse communities which the courts serve and an understanding of differing needs
• Commitment to justice, independence, public service and fair treatment
• Willingness to listen with patience and courtesy
• Commitment to respect for all court users
4. Authority and Communication Skills
• Ability to explain the procedure and any decisions reached clearly and succinctly to all those involved
• Ability to inspire respect and confidence
• Ability to maintain authority when challenged
• Ability to communicate orally and in writing in clear standard English
5. Efficiency
• Ability to work expeditiously
• Ability to organise time effectively to discharge duties promptly
• Ability to manage workload effectively
• Ability to work constructively with others
6. Leadership and Management Skills
• Ability to form strategic objectives and to provide leadership to implement them effectively
• Ability to engage constructively and collegially with others in the court, including courts administration
• Ability to represent the court appropriately including to external bodies such as the legal profession
• Ability to motivate, support and encourage the professional development of others in the court
• Ability to manage change effectively
• Ability to manage available resources