21 October 2015


Peter Foster, the convicted scammer with a predilection for thumbing his nose at authority, has gained early release from prison.

Logan J in Australian Competition and Consumer Commission v Chaste Corporation Pty Ltd (No 7) [2015] FCA 1103 commented -
Although Mr Foster’s deliberate and false purporting to have been in Fiji when all the while he remained in Australia both at the time of his sentencing for the contempts and thereafter until arrested in 2014 was deeply dismissive of the administration of justice and entirely consistent with the deficiency of character described when he was sentenced for those contempts, there are countervailing considerations, albeit of a nature which must remain for the present confidential, which warrant his early release from prison, subject to the continued contingency of his being required to serve the 18 month balance of the original three year term of imprisonment. There will be a related, consequential extension in the period of the conditions to which he will be subject upon his release.
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Presumably we're on to the mini-series.