25 November 2015


From IDP Education Ltd v Lejburg Pty Ltd [2015] VSC 650 in relation to the Australian Consumer Law -
24 The defendants’ website relied upon testimonials in the nature of ‘success stories’ to promote the sale of dispute packages. As the evidence revealed, they were wholly fabricated. The defendants did not seek to justify or even explain the testimonials, referring to them as their ‘Achilles heel’.
25 A testimonial from Hans Gerda Ulrich was published with a photograph image. A search of the image revealed the photo to be that of Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes, a victim of murder and cannibalism in Germany in 2001. A testimonial from Gupta Agate was accompanied by his photo image. A search of the internet revealed that the photograph was that of Jayant Maru, a student at the University of London International Programme, studying BSc Sociology and Law. The photograph of Sun Lei, who provided another testimonial, was that of an actor, Song Seung Hun. The photograph of Amee Krishnamurthy appears to be that of another person known as Aparna Krishnamurthy from Bangalore. The photograph of Wang Siwen, who provided a testimonial, appears to be that of Janlyn Kor. The photograph of Wang Wing, who provided a testimonial, appears to be that of a Japanese woman taken by photographer, Cedric Bertrand. The photograph of Gao Wuan, who provided a testimonial, appears to be that of Celestine Lee, who works with MMR Solutions in Singapore in the financial services industry.